Latest Information on Woburn Sands Neighbourhood Plan

Following lengthy local discussions the Town Council approved the draft Neighbourhood Plan in April 2013 and submitted it to Milton Keynes Council. MKC has now approved the Plan and authorised its publication seeking comments prior to the final adoption.

The text of the Plan, together with the accompanying Sustainability Appraisal, can be found on the Town Council website and a hard copy is available in the library. Below is a summary of the key points in the Plan. If you have any comments please submit them to:

The Development Plans Team
Milton Keynes Council
Planning and Transport Group
Civic Offices
1 Saxon Gate East
Central Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ

The comments will be considered by an Independent Examiner who may recommend changes.
Once any changes have been agreed the residents of Woburn Sands will be asked to vote on the adoption of the Plan in a Referendum which is likely to be held in October/November; details of this will be announced in due course. Provided over 50% of those voting approve the Plan it will be formally adopted and become binding on all future planning applications in the town. Amendments to the Plan can be made at the Annual Town Meeting held in April/May each year. It is therefore important that residents understand the Plan and its implications so please take time to read at least the following summary and vote later in the year.

The Vision for Woburn Sands

The plan proposes the following Vision:
Woburn Sands will remain an attractive and sustainable location which meets the aspirations of residents, the wider Woburn Sands community, and all those who use the town’s facilities


The Plan proposes the following policies to implement this Vision:

Policy WS1 – All developments in the town (including any extensions to individual properties) will be expected to comply with the Design Guide appended to the Plan

Policy WS2 – The existing open spaces within the built-up area such as the Memorial Green, Mowbray Green, and the Recreation Ground will be preserved and no development will be permitted thereon

Policy WS3 – The Town Council will promote the introduction of all necessary measures to minimise heavy traffic through Woburn Sands

Policy WS4 – All development proposals must make adequate provision for off-street parking and comply with MKC Parking Standards

Policy WS5 – The preservation of the existing woodland and countryside within the parish is key to the future of Woburn Sands and no extension of the built-up area will therefore be permitted; the footpaths and links to adjacent woodlands will be protected

Policy WS6 – The only housing development to be permitted once the Parklands development is completed will be small infilling between existing properties or replacement of demolished properties

Policy WS7 – Priority for any infilling development will be given to any proposal which provides starter homes for families who have a connection with Woburn Sands

Policy WS8 – Any application to provide land for employment purposes in Parklands will be welcomed but no further land within Woburn Sands will be designated for employment purposes

Policy WS9 – The Town Council, working with the Business Association, will promote any action to maintain the viability and vitality of the High Street, but no retail development which impinges on the health of the High Street will be permitted elsewhere

Policy WS10 – A wide range of educational provision will be encouraged

Policy WS11 – Every effort will be made by the Town Council, working with neighbouring parishes, to support the coherent provision of medical services to the community in all the parishes

Policy WS12 – The preservation of all existing recreational and sports facilities across the wider Woburn Sands area will be a priority and every opportunity taken to develop new facilities particularly for the youth of the area

Policy WS13 – Every encouragement will be given to ensure that the Police Forces of Thames Valley and Bedfordshire work more closely together

Policy WS14 – The preservation and improvement of bus services, particularly to Central Milton Keynes, will be encouraged

Policy WS15 – While recognising the importance of improving the rail services to Woburn Sands the priority will be to seek measures to minimise delays at the level crossing and to ensure the safety of both cars and pedestrians crossing the railway

Policy WS16 – The continuous improvement of the broadband and internet connections to all premises in Woburn Sands will be encourageng>d

The rationale for all these policies, together with relevant statistical data is set out in the full Plan.

It is important that the Plan reflects the wishes of the community so please think about these policies and exercise your democratic right to vote when the Referendum is called.

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