St Mary’s School Consultation ending on the 13th March 2016

A proposal to expand St Mary’s Wavendon CE Primary School and transfer it to a new school site at Eagle Farm South.

This six week early consultation seeks to gather opinions on the expansion and transfer of St Mary’s Wavendon CE Primary School to a new school site at Eagle Farm South.This is the first stage in a six stage process:

Full details of the consultation can be accessed by clicking on this link St Mary’s School Consultation Details.

A feedback form can be accessed by clicking on this link St Mary’s School Consultation Feedback Form.

FAQ’s – School Consultation for St Mary’s CE Primary School to relocate to Eagle Farm South, September 2018. Have your say! Click on the following link


Will I have to re-apply for my child(ren)’s school place?
No! All current allocated places will be protected. All children currently at St Mary’s will continue to have a place indefinitely.

Will it be a new school?
No. It will be a new building, however the name, uniform, ethos, distinctively Christian values that we have worked so hard to achieve will remain as they are, just in a new location.

How will this affect the relationship with the Church?
We share a name and Christian ethos for a reason, and it is my intention to remain as close in heart to the Church as ever we have. We will have to look forward strategically to see how this will develop. Both Rev Matt and myself have spoken about this, and see this as an exciting journey for the school and Church.

Will this affect the ethos of the school?
No. Our distinctively Christian values are integral to the ethos of St Mary’s and this will very much remain the focus of our journey in the future. The staff and governance will remain the same, enabling a much smoother transition into a new premises. It is the building that will change, not the integrity of what we offer as a Church of England primary school.

Will the classes be mixed ages?
This is still to be decided in the first instance. This kind of detail will be discussed if, or when, the decision to agree the move takes place.

Does this mean bigger class sizes?
Other than the Reception class, then no. All of our classes currently have the capacity to house 30 children. This will not change. There will, over time, be more classes per year group.

What happens to younger siblings and their place at the school?
The admissions process will remain the same, and priority will be given in the order that it is now within the LA process.

Will it automatically be taken as read that by not responding to the consultation I am in agreement?

No. Only responses that are placed through the consultation will be considered as agreement or otherwise. This is why it is important that as many people have their say as possible by clicking on the following link.

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