Strategic Land Allocation Development Framework Consultation on revised Development Framework, August –September 2013

Milton Keynes Council consulted on the draft SLA Development Framework for 12 weeks over the summer and early Autumn last year. The Development Framework has now been revised to reflect and respond to the comments made during that earlier consultation and the changes to the Strategic Land Allocation arising from the adoption of the Core Strategy in July 2013.

The main change to the Development Framework is the inclusion of the land to the west of the A5130, Newport Road, immediately to the north of Wavendon village. This change arises from the recommendations of the Core Strategy Inspector. As a result of the addition of this land, the amount of new homes planned for the site has increased from some 2,500 to some 2,900.

The current round of consultation is taking place to give local stakeholders, landowners and developers, the opportunity to consider and comment on the changes to the Development Framework.

The consultation period runs until Wednesday 25th September 2013.

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